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Product Perks™: for sites that sell products, a product recommendation engine.
Recommends the product that customers want or don’t yet know they want.

Contact PerksSM: for nonprofits and government agencies, community builders make
one-stop-shop directories of who to call and why.

What can Product Perks do for you?

▪ Presence: Product Perks is like having a personal shopper. It’s like you as the owner are with your customers.

▪ Fun: It’s fun to click around, see the choices. Sometimes people even learn about their preferences through the questions.

▪ Connection: Product Perks gets people where they want to go. It gets people to the product, contact person, or page on your website.

Click the screenshots above to see featured Product Perks clients:

LiveViewGPS:  Oregon Residential Building Alliance, members include: Energy Trust of Oregon

What online visitors say:

The Product Perks Tea Quiz really feels like
someone’s listening to my wants. It’s like you walk into a store, someone helps. It makes me happy to have these results customized to me.”

     —Andrea P., San Diego, CA
I really like BuilderConnect. I clicked on ‘Water,’
and then… There’s no Yellow Pages to tell you that. And even if there was, it would just be a general number. It wouldn’t tell you the person to talk to.”

     —Eric F., Portland, OR